Retuning to Eden


On Friday September 16th we released our first collection

— Returning to EDEN — powered by the Converse All Star Project. This collection was an intimate look into my influences as a designer and what I push for us to create in the future.
As we move into the next phase of this digital era it’s important to ask why or if we really need all the things we create and consume. Are these new creations we invest so much in necessary for our happiness?

This idea drove me to take my inspiration from nature. I wanted to create clothes that can seamlessly coexist in a natural habitat with ideas from the future. We used colors from the earth and organic shapes from vines to create a design langue for the collection. 

In addition we used mesh to communicate a futurist tone and provide different textures to the pieces. “Returning to Eden” isn’t seeded on returning to the past but focused on planting a new future.